How to Protect Your Home

To be able to curl up in front of a warm fire, with a red cotton curtain flapping in the soft breeze…on a squashy sofa safe in the knowledge that you are in your home and that you are temporarily shielded from the world and all of its mystery. This is why it is important to invest in articles for your home that protect you, like proper locks for your doors, security lights, and fire and burglar alarms. This article will advise you on the best ways to make sure your haven from the world is always safe and secure.

• Curtains! – Yes, it sounds like teaching granny to suck eggs, but so many people live out their entire home lives not realising they can be seen from the street by anyone who wants to watch. Okay, green patterned curtains are out of the question (no one expects you to travel back to the 1970’s to stay safe). Invest in a good pair of red cotton curtains instead. Why? Because red rules, and so do curtains.

• Proper locks! – Double lock if you have to. Again, so many people have a basic lock that anyone could bash in given half the chance, don’t rely on people’s good nature…most people will take anything that’s free, including half your stuff. Keep it safe, keep it locked properly.

• Wisdom: – never broadcast on the internet that you’re not going to be home. Your Facebook friends are not always your real friends. Do you remember the horror stories about teenagers posting online about parties and then the house being trashed? That shocked parent with a face like a beetroot could be you! It could be you, and not in the cool National Lotto way either.

• Cleanliness. – having your post cluttered around your doormat and empty milk bottles strewn everywhere might not exactly advertise that you have lots of expensive gear to steal, what it will tell people however, is that you are not home. Sort it out.

Stay safe and remember that even thought these measures need to be taken, with the right care and attention, you can have a safe, happy home life and a true haven from the world. Your home is one of the most important things in your life, why let it be ruined?

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