Top 10 Football Streaming Sites

In today’s internet, age football enthusiasts are constantly on the lookout for options of perfect football streaming sites. While watching football one would want to have an uninterrupted streaming, minimal ads, and a screen view that is perfect for a quality viewing experience. Most sites are strewn with pop-up ads that are sometimes invasive and halt the game viewing experience. 

If you are a football buff and are on the look-out for best sites for streaming football, here is a list you would want to check out.

First Row Sports

This site has a much cleaner interface and loads quickly. It allows a good football viewing experience that’s similar to live TV. It also does not have many pop-ups and other unwanted interruptions hence you can view your game without distractions. It also offers other sports such as rugby, basketball, etc. Overall, smooth navigation experience and good streaming quality. Definitely one of the best sites for streaming football.

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Live Soccer TV

Live Soccer TV offers a wide range of football leagues and also helps you in choosing the best live football matches that are being broadcast on TV. The website streams all these matches and also offers details such as football rankings, match news, upcoming games, etc. This is the ultimate place if you are a true football fan seeking useful information along with good quality live streaming. This website is available in multiple languages including English, French, Spanish, etc.


This site comes with numerous feeds of live videos of football matches across the globe. Each link has a national flag and this helps in determining if the live steam if for a national league or international league. It displays time and allows adjusting the time-zone of the live TV to yours. While football is the default sport on this site, it also offers several other sports options.

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Stream2Watch is one of the most interesting live streaming sites which allows scrolling chats which can be viewed during the match. Live football match lists are sorted basis the start time so you can schedule your time easily. A flash indicator appears beside the stream prompting you when a stream is going live. It also displays the time remaining so you can catch up on it as per schedule. This site is best played on a chrome browser for ultimate viewing experience.


This site gathers live football streaming videos from several sources and offers you can easy to navigate user interface. Apart from football, it has many other sports such as baseball, hockey, basketball, tennis, and also golf. A new window launches when you click on a game video. Sometimes this site has pop-up ads but these could be closed for a better viewing experience.

There are numerous other best sites for streaming football which can be used as long as you have a good internet connection that is usually uninterrupted. You can explore the ones listed here and evaluate the overall experience to shortlist on a few. In the end, you should narrow down to a site that you can enjoy your football match on.

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