What Your Business Furnishings Say About You

Not long ago, I was talking to a professional who had invited to collaborate with me on a special project. He told me he worked out of his house, which is not a problem for me, I understand the new economy and how things work, and I thought it was wise of him to work out of his home because that means he wasn’t wasting money, as he was keeping his costs low, and therefore there would be more profit potential for the both of us if we got this project going. Okay so let’s talk shall we?

Just as we were about ready to get together, he told me that his home office was a mess, and he was embarrassed to have me over, we both laughed and thought it might be a good topic for my next article. I found the whole thing rather fascinating because I wouldn’t expect a home office to be anything different than the most efficient for the individual running it. In other words, a creative person would have stuff all over the place, and an anal-retentive personality would have nothing out of place, everything in its exact spot almost as if it was a science project.

Now then, if you do run a business and you are a professional, and you invite people over to your office, your business furnishings do say a lot about you. What they say may be good, bad, or evoke an indifferent response from your vendors, associates, clients, or customers. I can recall once that I had a patent attorney who liked to collect metal die-cast toys automobiles, and they were everywhere all over his office. It looked funky, quaint, but he was very good at what he did, and it was his hobby scattered around his office like a little museum.

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